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    Helminth therapy sibo Helminthic therapy evidence Helminthic therapy support Cited by Biological and behavioral aspects regarding combined systemic management of alcohol dependence Alexinschi Helminthic therapy evidence, Chirita Roxana, Manuela Padurariu, Ciobica Alin, Dobrin Romeo, Timofte Daniel, Anton Emil, Prepelita Raluca, Helminthic therapy support Carmen, Chirita Vasile Although there are numerous ideas on the management of alcohol dependence, ranging from various schemes of pharmacologic treatment to helminthic therapy support psychotherapeutic approaches, the reviews and meta-analyses reveal only modest effects of these approaches.

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    Another approach regarding the problem of alcohol is based on the behavioral biology, specifying helminthic therapy support consumption of alcohol helminthic therapy evidence actually a type of behavior, a way of life.

    The results presented in this report provide evidence to support the idea that the systemic, ethological approach of helminthic therapy support and complex problems brings additional value when complementing the standard medicinal therapy, both in terms of achieving and maintaining helminthic therapy support, as well as in improving the quality of life for the patients.

    Helminthic therapy support alcohol, behavioral biology, systemic.

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